Wells City – A Brief Introduction

Wells City is the smallest city of England and is a part of Somerset County. It has very small population of just 10,536 individuals according to the census of 2011 which is comprised of 97.5% Whites. Christianity is the religion of majority of population i.e. 66.5%. During the past decade, the population of this ancient city has almost remained same with an increase of only 100 people. Since Wells Cathedral was present in the city; it was given the status of a city in Medieval times which is maintained till today, despite its small area.

Major Attractions:

Wells city has some great attractions where people can spend quality time during weekends or vacations. The city is known by its Cathedral Church of Saint Andrew which dates back to 1100 AD. Mendip Hills and Pen Hill are the famous picnic points with available facilities of hiking, camping, mountain biking, mining and walking. Wells and Mendip Museum is a must go place for those who are interested in knowing about the history of the city. Another


attraction is Milton Lodge Gardens which is one of the best gardens in the whole Somerset.


The city has certain festivities going on all around the year. In remembrance of the First World War, The Museum has organized an exhibition for duration of 4 months to increase awareness about the war and its effects. The exhibition started in 2014. Different family activities take place in Bishop’s Palace during holidays. A variety of Cathedral festivals events are also arranged from time to time. Furthermore, other festivals related to art, literature, food, music and geology and cultural carnivals play an important role in the city’s social life.

Economical Conditions:

The economy of the city is quite strong and the major industry here is Tourism. A lot of tourists from nearby cities visit Wells city due to its historical importance and amazing architecture. Moreover, since it is near to the Somerset coast, so its climate is very pleasant. Modern facilities of living are available, so the residents and tourists get to fully enjoy their time. Many shops, hotels and restaurants are present in the city with high quality of services.


The Blue School holds the status of specialist science college. It is a comprehensive school of co-education, where 1453 767432_9db36ea4total students are enrolled. Wells Cathedral is another very old school that has been providing services since early 900s. It offers music teaching to all children below the age of 18. A few other schools are also present in the city that are playing their role in increasing the literacy rate and offering quality education to children.

Wells city is in the district of Mendip and is the only city is Somerset apart from Bath. It is the second smallest city in England in terms of both population and area. It is very old, therefore, many historical sites and building are present here that attract tourists from other places. Various interesting activities and events take place all around the year that are major sources of entertainment.

Being a part of United Kingdom, one cannot deny the amazingness of any city present in it. This is not just a city but a place that has a lot of landmarks to look upon and ponder at. You just cannot miss the sights present at Wells and also the places you can visit there.

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