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The city of Wells is a less explored area that holds great historical importance. Some ancient buildings and monuments were built by Roman settlement, while major developments in the city were made during the rule of King Ine of Wessex. The calm environment helps one get relaxed from the busy life, therefore many tourists visit the place quite often. There are many places that attract the visitors. These places include churches, historical buildings, gardens, coastal area, hills, beaches and picnic spots. In order to facilitate the tourists, Visitor Information Services are available 24/7.

Mendip Hills:

Mendip Hills is the highest point of the Wells that provides view of almost the whole city. It is a long limestone range which is maintained by the Government. Tourist guides can be contacted to get tour of the whole area.

Wells Beach:

e0a13e46204007b6bdd6aa8536f1502bWells Beach is the famous picnic point among people living nearby and also for the tourists. The captivating scenery of the beautiful place surely provides the experience of a lifetime. Since there are old big trees nearby, so having barbecue party or using stove is not allowed, but restaurants are working to provide visitors with tasty food. The transport and railway are easily available for beach from the city and closer areas. There are many small huts where you can relax with family and can bring your dogs along.

National Parks:

The Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge and Wells Reserve at Laudholm are the most famous places to admire nature. The former is the wildlife habitat where animals and birds of many rare species are being taken care of. Furthermore, an emphasis is also made on protection of coastal meadows, tidal salt marshes, young shrub forests and the unique rocky coast. On the other hand, Wells Reserve is the center of research where different methodologies are used to create structures that can help in modernization of the city without affecting its cultural heritage.


Wells and Mendip Museum is situated near to the famous Wells Cathedral. The building has an amazing architecture and originally it served as residence for the Chancellors. The museum was founded in the last decade of 19th century and maintains the items are artefacts that are related to the history and archaeology of the city. A few others museums were also present here, however, those are not working anymore.

Wells Beach Resort:

Wells Beach Resort is an amazing vacation point. It is a suitable place to visit with family as there are many opportunities for different recreational activities. It is situated close to the beach where you can enjoy surfing, swimming, boating and much more. In the resort there are facilities of swimming pools, rest rooms, playgrounds, indoor games, beach sports and play area for children. A mini golf club is also present for both adults as well as children.

Wells is a very small city with lesser population. The city has various attractions for tourists who are looking for entertaining and historical sites. Hills, beaches, amusement parks, resorts and museums are actively helping to attract tourists.

Being a part of United Kingdom, one cannot deny the amazingness of any city present in it. This is not just a city but a place that has a lot of landmarks to look upon and ponder at. You just cannot miss the sights present at Wells and also the places you can visit there.

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