Outdoor Activities in Wells


The city of wells in UK offers opportunities for a large variety of outdoor recreational activities. The beautiful scenery of the city helps one get relaxed and enjoy the beauty of nature. Though it is the smallest city of England, yet there are many amazing places that can be visited and many activities that can be enjoyed. Natural gardens, amusement and water parks, nightclubs and museums are suitable places to spend time when you are free from work.

Guided Tours:scissor_arches_wells_cathedral_3611526562

Taking tour of whole city can help tourists to get awareness about this hidden gem of nature. A few organizations provide facilities of guided tours in which they share the history of the city and explain historical importance of buildings and locations. The tourist industry in the city has highest value, so the government organizations arrange different types of guided tours. These walks include Heritage, Hot Fuzz Film Location, Food, Film & TV, Literary, children, ghost or countryside walks.

Cathedral Music Concerts:

Wells Cathedral is an ancient and beautiful building where music performances are carried out by choral groups. A few songs are sung and prayers are offered every day, while ceremonies on Sundays are also scheduled throughout the year.

Adventure Parks:

Mendip Outdoor Pursuits is a great place to enjoy various different types of sports. There are reserved areas for skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, sea kayaking, canoeing, raft building, hiking, caving, archery, Frisbee golf and rifle shooting. Qualified trainers are present there to assist people in using the available facilities with lesser risks. Furthermore, you can arrange parties for adults or children at this venue if you want to enjoy time at a peaceful place.

Hot Air Balloon Flights:

You can enjoy a hot air balloon ride over the county of Somerset. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the city, have a look at the historical sites from above, view the lowest and highest points of the city, enjoy seeing rare species of animals and birds in the forests or natural reservoirs and much more. The bird eye view of the city creates such memories for tourists that they wish to visit the city once again.

mendip-asylum-18Hiking and Climbing:

The Mendip Hills is the highest level of the city of Wells. The visitors either climb up the hill by walking or by using the cycling tracks. The hills are not too steep, so it is not dangerous to climb up. There are proper paths for walking and cycles and one can go there without much difficulties. There are different routes with a length of 2 to 8 miles so visitors can choose the paths that are suitable for them.

Wells is a small city in the district Mendip of Somerset county. It is a beautiful place with various points for enjoying indoor and outdoor recreational activities. Historical buildings and museums can be visited for knowing about past of the city; adventure and amusement parks can be visited for activities full of fun and entertainment and festivals and concerts can be enjoyed during different times of the year.

Being a part of United Kingdom, one cannot deny the amazingness of any city present in it. This is not just a city but a place that has a lot of landmarks to look upon and ponder at. You just cannot miss the sights present at Wells and also the places you can visit there.

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