Bridgwater Town

Bridgwater is a small market town of Somerset county, situated close to the city of Wells. With River Parrett being 10 km away from here, the town has been used for long as a busy port. Due to the transportation of goods in large amount, it has become a strong industrial base and the major trading center of the county. Bridgwater Railway Station and M5 Motorway connect it to the county of Bristol which is not far away. Based on 2014 consensus, it has total population of 41,276 which had increased considerably after 2011.

Places to Visit:

Bridgwater town has a rich history and one can visit its historical sites or museums. Blake Museum, Westonzoyland Pumping Station Museum and Somerset Brick & Tile Museum are suitable places for getting to know about the history of county. Hawkridge Reservoir, Docks Canalside and Burrow Mump are the major landmarks. Walled bridgwater-fore-street-in-snow-1200x800Gardens of Cannington is the prominent national park while Enmore Park Golf Club is suitable for enjoying sports. Scott Cinemas, Timewarp Arcade, Jolly Jumpers Play Zone and Cannington Park Paintball & Laser are the famous places for entertainment.


The quality of education in the town is high enough. There are various colleges, infant schools, primary schools, secondary schools and special schools to fulfill the educational requirements of the citizens. Due to the initiative of English government, BSF (Building Schools for the Future), the schools and colleges are rebuilt and improved for providing better education facilities to the students. Furthermore, a few schools have been closed recently and the status of some colleges has been changed based on their specializations.


The economy of Bridgwater mainly depends on the agriculture. The crops are enough for requirements of people living here. The excess crops have been exported via port to other nearby counties from as early as 1300 AD. Different industries used to be famous in the town, such as brick and tile manufacturing, detergent and cleaning products and iron foundries, until World War II destroyed most of them. Factories for manufacturing of explosives were built during World War II, but they were closed in 2008. The major industries in the present include industrial chemicals, plastic, food and engine parts for vehicles.

Events and Festivals:

carnival-preview-manThe carnival of Bridgwater Guy Fawkes is the center of attraction in the city for tourists from a variety of countries and takes place annually from the nearest Friday until 5th of November. Big carnival floats and dancers take part in the activities, while around 22,000 lightbulbs are used for decoration of 4 km long route. Squibbing activity is held during the Carnival evening in which a large number of fireworks are fired near the Town Hall. Other festivals consist of Bridgwater Funfair, Arts Festival and Science Festival.

Bridgwater Town is situated near the famous hills of Mendip and Quantock and the River of Parrett. It has a strong background with a long history and has many historical places that are open for tourists. With a calm atmosphere, it is a great place to visit during vacations.

Being a part of United Kingdom, one cannot deny the amazingness of any city present in it. This is not just a city but a place that has a lot of landmarks to look upon and ponder at. You just cannot miss the sights present at Wells and also the places you can visit there.

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