Bath City, An Amazing Place to Visit

The city of Bath is in the county of Somerset in England and is the neighboring city to Wells. It was given the status of World Heritage Site in 1987 due to its historic importance and the presence of ancient buildings. It is known as “Bath” because of hot springs and the building of bath by the Roman settlement. Later, it became a Spa town during the Georgian period. It is due to these factors that tourism has become the major industry of the city. Other industries include software development, publishing and services sector.

Geography and Climate:

The various hills present around the city have made the city a beautiful wonder of the nature. There are many hot water springs emerging from these hills and caves. The water of these springs is very helpful in getting rid of many diseases due to its warm temperature and is safe to drink. The general climate of the whole city is a bit humid and hotter than the rest of the country. The average temperature here is around 10 degrees Celsius. The sun is visible during very few days and it rains quite often.

885401_977390365082_2020350604_oMajor Attractions:

Roman Baths is the museum of ancient items and roman baths that is usually the first place that most people visit. Other historic museums include Holburne, Jane Austen Centre, Fashion Museum, Museum of Bath Architecture and Museum of East Asian Art. Newton Park, Rondo Theatre, Bath Abbey, Circus and Pulteney Bridge are the famous places that are visited by the tourists. The common outdoor activities are: sports such as golf and rugby, city tours, boating, hot balloon rides, trekking and biking.

Economic Statistics:

Many companies are working within the city or in nearby areas that belong to the industries of manufacturing, publishing, printing, quarries, dye works, Plastic and mills. Mortgage brokers and software field experts are in demand and get competitive job offers based on their skills. The interest of tourists in the city from all around the country has positively impacted the economic development of the city. An emphasis is made on the development of educational institutes that has helped in the improvement of overall conditions.

Where to Eat?sally_lunns_house

There are many restaurants, bars and cafes in the city that offer a wide range of food and their charges depend on the quality of service and food. For those who are looking for low cost restaurants should try Bathwick Boatman, The Green Bird Café Chapel Arts café and The Courtyard cafe. On the other hand, Hudson Steakhouse, Loch Fyne, Menu Gordon Jones and Rustico Bistro are known for their top quality of food and fine dining style. The famous foods of the area are: Sally Lunn Buns and Bath Olivers.

The lifestyle of Bath City is quite peaceful and relaxing. Tourists visiting the city get to enjoy a lot of time at national parks and can have a look at the history of city in the form of monuments and ancient items at the museums. After a hard and tiring day, everyone can visit the hot springs for a comfortable experience to get relaxed.

Being a part of United Kingdom, one cannot deny the amazingness of any city present in it. This is not just a city but a place that has a lot of landmarks to look upon and ponder at. You just cannot miss the sights present at Wells and also the places you can visit there.

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